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Workflow Designer locking up when changing between models.

Created: 25 Apr 2012 | 5 comments

Hi guys,

Recently I have been creating a web service and after creating about 2 or 3 invocation targets the Wrokflow Designer locks up when changing between models for about 30 seconds or so.

The workflow at the moment has 7 invocation targets.

Doesn't happen in other workflows with several models with only 1 invocation target.

Does anyone know if there is a solution or a work around for this one?

Many thanks,


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DanGordon's picture

This also happens to me (using the same version of Symantec Workflow Manager) using Windows 7 x86.

It appears that when I switch models, the csc.exe process starts and consumes an entire single thread of my CPU for a significant amount of time. This causes the Workflow Manager to be come unresponsive, however if you wait long enough the csc.exe process will end and the new model appears for editing.

Note that if I have multiple workflows open, only the window in which I changed models becomes unresponsive. The rest are fine.

The csc.exe exhibits the same behaviour when I try to publish the workflows with numerous invocation targets. The time to publish is almost excatly the same amount of time it takes to switch models, and again the csc.exe process starts and consumes a single CPU thread for almost the entire time (the utilisation varies a bit). Sometimes this makes for a very lengthy publish process on the client, however looking on the server where the workflow is being published, the workflow has already been published with the changes well before I receive a "success" notification in the Workflow Manager.

The workaround is to remove all invocation targets from the workflow - switching between models is then instant - but it would be good to have a fix!

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Are you using a script components in your projects?

I've noticed a similar issue but I don't use a multiple targets.
In my case the Designer locks up when it contains a Script Components.
I've discovered that it is caused by validation which is done during model switching. This validation compiles the code from scripts and that's why the csc.exe (C# Compiler) is run.

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I wasn't before the locking up had started but I am now.

I've noticed as I add more models the lock up time is even longer. It also seems to have affected publishing time too.