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Workflow Designer locking up when changing between models

Created: 13 Mar 2013 • Updated: 13 Mar 2013 | 10 comments
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I started this thread because this thread is locked:

I have the same problem and I loose many minutes per day waiting for the designer.

It's the csc.exe that keeps eating CPU...

Any ideas?


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csc.exe is the c# compiler. Code (Script) components uses this when it runs to validate the component.

It could be the tool trying to validate the model when clicking off. Are there Code (Script) comps in your model?

One thing to try is to use the Script Generator vs. the Code (Script) component. It may not be running this csc.exe validation when validating

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Yes, we one Code (Script) component in two of eight models. 

Do you think this affects all the models?

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Unsure if it would affect all the models, but it would affect the whole of the tool itself, running the validation.

Is using the script generator an option? The script generator does NOT run csc.exe to validate the component... only when initially generating the component. The generator is largely identical to the Code (Script) component, and I think that generator's original intent was to "replace" these components (though we still continue to support the Code (Script) component)

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Good call Reecardo. As you pointed out the Script Generator is the way to go because guess what happens when the component runs...Compile()

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In my team we encounter a similar problem. Opening a projects with Code (Script) comopnents took usually several minutes so we've started to replace and avoid them.

An option to enable/disable validation of particular categories of compnonents would be a nice feature.

I made a plugin disabling/enabling whole validation in Designer but it turned out to be to too rough work-around.sad

We had to stop using it.

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In looking into the possibility to replace my Script (Code) Component in favor for Script Generator. But the main difference that I can see between Script (Code) Component and Script Generator is the ability to declare returntypes. Is that not doableor or is it just that I don’t know how-to?  

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I believe you're right... Script Generator does not allow the user to specify output. However the generator will allow you to define multiple paths for the component to follow as output.

So let's say we have a generated "Is Number Even or Odd" component. We couldn't define the boolean output to place on the stream, however, we could define a True path and a False path for the output to follow.

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That’s correct, the ability to create multiple path is a very nice feature that you don’t have in the Script (Code) Component.  But the lack off returntypes gives me some issues, for example errorhandling. If an error occurs in my script I have to handle logging in the script code even though we have created logging routines in our process model. 

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There is one more option but the most complicated.

If you're using a seriuos piece of code which doesn't require frequent updates it can be published (compiled)as a class in separate DLL.

Such code can be accessed from proces through .NET Library Generator integration project that creates seperate call components for any available method from selected class and assembly.