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Workflow "forgetting" permissions

Created: 12 Jan 2011

I have a number of groups within Active Directory (AD). I have integrated process manager with AD, so that the AD users and groups appear in processmanager.

I am using these groups to provide assignment of workflow tasks (different workflow dialog steps are assigned to different AD groups).

I want people from these groups to login to processmanager and be able to see their tasks, and work on them, but not other users tasks.  In process managers these users should see the "Workflow" and "Submit Requests" tabs only.

What are the minimum permissions required to do this?

I have tried setting permissions on these groups within processmanager:

   Admin -> Users -> Accounts -> List Groups

These permissions work briefly, but do not seem to stick - see below.

If I configure a group (i.e. LIM) with the permissions mentioned above and then login with a user "082332g" that's in the LIM AD group then the workflow tab is shown in processmanger - good!

If I configure another group (i.e. OSST) and then login with a user "testuser" that's got that AD group then the access is also correct.

However, without making any other changes, if I now log back in as "testuser", I don't see the workflow tab for this user!!

Is there some sort of caching or permissions within ProcessManager?

If no permissions are assigned with processmanager, or the user is not a member of any of the groups in which permissions have been configured, then users just get the "Submit Request" tab.  (Correct).

Any ideas on how to setup permissions in processmanger via AD to work reliably?