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Workflow: forms application reset

Created: 01 Jul 2013 • Updated: 08 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
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I have a problem with a forms project running on Workflow 7.1

Basically, it is a series of forms where the user enters information:

  1. Step 1: fill out user information
  2. Step 2: select address
  3. ...
  4. Step n: Accept

At each step, variables store the entered information. Buttons link to the next form in the flow. At step n, when pressing accept, the information is stored in a sql server db.

Most of the time, it works as it should. But we have a lot of users reporting that the application "resets" at different points in the process, when users click the button to get to the next step. I cannot reproduce it, but I managed to get a teamviewer session with a user who experienced the problem. Basically, the application redirects to the first form and all data in variables are lost.

Some users run the application inside an iframe, but I have tested the application inside an iframe and it seems to work fine.

I suspect it may be the session that are somehow reset/expired, but I'm not sure. To get more information, I have tried to search in the system db table Inv_Workflow_Critical_Error_Details, but the system does not log any errors.

Any idea on how I can get more information or what the problem might be?



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You could drop a "creat log entry" component in between each form that could give you information on what component it just left and by what exit path. At the least, this should be able to point out if the problem is consistent on a specific form or component. Also, it might be worthwhile to completely unpublish the project (meaning make sure it's deleted from the publish directory as well) and then republish it. I've seen projects not always publish properly over the top of existing versions. Like once every couple thousand publishes, but still...

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Hi michael,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Each step consists of many components, around 10-20, and I have 4 different flows containing around 4 steps, so I would need to insert 40-80 log components.

Users have reported it have happened at different steps, so it is not isolated to a specific point in the workflow, but maybe a couple (it is hard to tell).

Could it be possible to enable some form of verbose logging for the published project, so I wont have to insert 40+ log components?'s picture

Once the workflow is published, you can open up the log viewer on the server. Once there, the "Current Processes" tab will let you right click on the workflow and change the logging level. The default is "error" which will only show non-fatal errors and fatal errors. By turning it up to warn, info, or debug, you'll get a LOT more data, but it's often too much data for me. I suppose if you are getting decent time stamps on reports of the errors from your users, it'll be easier to find in the logs, though.

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Thanks a lot for the useful information.

Now I will be able to get more details.