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Workflow Multiple To email address names in "Send Email" object

Created: 24 Sep 2010 • Updated: 06 Oct 2010

I want to provide my user a form that allows him to enter one or more email address, to include as the "To" addresses on the Send Email object.

So I created an object type that has an array of names (text) which I want to put on the form, then take the data off the form and put that into the email. I can not get the array to appear in the to address block when I choose "process variable" and select my global variable.

Has anyone tried this before? Has anyone put multiple names into the To field of the "Send Email" object? If so, how? Send me some samples or pointers to samples. All the videos training uses 1 to address and it is usually hard coded in the object.

Thank you for your help.