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Workflow Pointfix updates for Servicedesk 7.1.1 WAY out of date

Created: 25 Feb 2013 | 4 comments

As one of the few people still running 7.1.1 occasionally I get ported hotfix updates from symantec support.  However when I ask them for a changelog or documentation on exactly what is contained in the hotfix I cannot get anything.  This is both frustrating and scairy.  If you don't know what's in your hotfix, how can you expect me to implement it??

Anyway, I would appreciate any help workflow developers can help me with my issue.

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If you've applied a Workflow rollup for 7.1 SP1 (I'm assuming thats what you meant by 7.1.1), your assembly version numbers will look like 7.1.1401.*. 7.1.1400 was SP1 initial release, and 1401 is the rollup.

Rollups are meant to be collections of fixes that Workflow customers can apply over and over (via a standard Workflow install/upgrade) to get the latest batch of fixes, if they choose.

If you could tell me a case number or describe the issue you're looking to see fix, I can check the codebase and definitively see if it's in the latest rollup.

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I have applied 7.1.1 servicepack 1 with rollup 2.  My workflow manager is currently sitting at 7.1.1401.59.  In december I received another hotfix or pointfix file from symantec support.  I asked for a changelog or update log for the file and one could not be provided.  I now cannot get it approved to be installed..

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I've attached a list of all changes that I show being included in the SP1 rollup through December 2012. 

Unfortunately the Workflow 7.1 SP1 rollup builds did not change the build # information for the installer, so the specific version information isn't available for any version created before January 2013.

Edited: Fixed the attached document issue.

sp1 rollup.doc 26 KB
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The file now works.  Thank you.

Job Security is not being the only one who knows what you do.