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Workflow Processes Still Active After Getting Completed

Created: 04 Dec 2012 • Updated: 04 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

I have a workflow setup as an auto start that polls a database table every 10 minutes or so. I took a look at the workflowmanagment.aspx page an noticed that there is over 1800 current process running. Shouldn't the processes terminate after every run? Why is it building up? I checked to make sure that it was doing cleanup after the project is terminated and it is. If anyone can give me some guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

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Is this an anoymous access page? or does it use integrated authentication? From what I've seen, even when the system exits, the process is not closed untill the Time Out and Escalation process is run. This is the actual mechanism that closes the task and removes it from the DB.

What I had to do was set the authtication on these 3 files to Anonymous:


Once these are set to ANON, you can browse the WorkflowManagementService.asmx and hit the Check Time outs and Escalations method, which should clear out all the porcesses that are complete.


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Hi Rob,

I don't have any Dialog Workflow components in the project so I'm not sure where the Time Out and Escalation settings would be. Authentication Type on the project is set to Anonymous Authentication and I have the following files set to Anonymous:





I don't have AutoLoadService.asmx in the IIS folder but it could be because I'm running WF 7.1 SP1. My web.config is set to authentication mode="windows" but I don't think that should do anything should it?

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I tried creating some sample auto start workflows and the results are all the same. The processes do not get terminated when the workflow is finished and stays active which is not a good thing. I tried invoking the Time Outs and Escalations method in WorkflowManagementService.asmx but that didn't clear it out either.

I think it's a bug in auto start workflows and if any Symantec employee can replicate it or tell me how to cleanup these processes it would be appreciated. For now I've created a workflow to abort all the current processes running and will have to convert these workflows to monitoring projects.

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