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workflow project and formbuilder component

Created: 04 Oct 2010 • Updated: 09 Oct 2010 | 3 comments

Hi I am new in workflow and i am assigned to create a process to process the security badge request. I first took the solution of the sample of change management, which i create

1. a webform project which contains a form builder project to collect user input, and a linked model which does some check on the user input

2. a workflow project(web services) which contains some tasks to process the request.

After both of the projects are verified to be valid, i want to release my workflow project to be a component library which can be used in my webform project, i realized that the license i have does not allow me to generate dll. So i need to find out some work around.

I thought i can put my formbuilder component in my workflow project, which failed.

Then i used a dialog component, and put my formbuilder component inside the embedded model inside the dialog component. BUT, it seems i can not add my linked model inside a embedded model.

Please educate me with these basic concept, since i can not find out the tutorial in that details.

1. I can not use formbuilder component directly in a workflow project, right?

2. I can not add linked model inside an embedded model, right?

3. What's the correct solution for my simple case?

Thanks a lot.


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Rob Moore's picture

You can use 2 seperate Dialog Workflow Components, the first one would contain your user input form and all the necessary checks, and then the second can be used to notify the manager or security folks. You can even to the tasks to process the request once all the approvals are in.


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1.  Not without putting in a dialog workflow.  Think of each dialog workfow as a user session.   The first session would be the request.  The second would be the approval.

2.  Correct.  You must do that outside of the embedded model.  (I tend to use embedded models inside of dialog workflows to try and keep the code clean.)

3.   Not sure why you want it to be part of your webform project.  You could publish the workflow as a webservice, then create an integration to your webservice for your webform to use to start the process.  You would then need to send a link to the use to your dialog workflow in the start process.  

Hopefully that helps....

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To add to Rob Moore's suggestion... if you have multiple tasks running at the same time, you'll wait to import and use the "WorkflowAdvanced.dll" custom library to allow multiple assignments to be processed at the same time before the workflow process continues.

Example:  A "Request" comes in for a New user (someone fills out a form) and 2 assignments are created at the same time for the Laptop Team and the Blackberry Team.  Each team can work and update their part of the process, the workflowadvanced.dll contains components to have the "Request" process "Wait for components" Laptop Team-DialogWorkflow and Blackberry Team-Dialog Workflow.  Once those team's complete their part, the workflow will continue on.