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Workflow related "how do I" question

Created: 18 Aug 2010 • Updated: 19 Sep 2010 | 3 comments
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I have a workflow I'm designing to update a user's information in our Active Directory environment and I have a Quick Link Dialog Workflow component that is setup to have an interactive dialog model enabled.   In this dialog model I have a form builder component added for the manager of the person to see the information their employee changed, with Approve and Deny exit paths, and then a new multiline text box for comments the manager may have.  

Here is where I'm confused.   outside of the Quick Link Dialog Workflow I cannot see this comments variable to do any checks against it.   Can anyone tell me if there is a component that will export the value from the Quick Link Dialog process or what I'm missing?

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africo's picture

I haven't used the "quick link" dialog workflow, but i do what you're doing all the time with just a dialog workflow component.  unless there's a reason why you can't use the full dialog component, i'd try it and see if you get better results.  otherwise maybe someone else can help you with the component you're trying to use.  good luck sir!

also remember that wherever you mean to reference the "comments" textbox variable downstream, the field needs to accept the "string" or "text" datatype or else you won't see it available in the field you're trying to populate.

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Thank you for the help.    With the way I had it all configured I was thinking there had to be a better way.   It looks like you are correct on that it would be better to use the dialog workflow component. 

The last part I'll have to look up as I'm not sure where you would set that.   Thanks.

africo's picture

you won't encounter any issues with datatypes until you try using a component like "add values" which calls specifically for a number/integer, and then if you tried to reference your "comments" variable, you wouldn't see it because the data types don't match (textbox = string/text, addvalues = number/integer).  a good way to keep tabs on your datatypes is to right-click on any component in your workflow and choose "browse data", then click the checkbox at the bottom to show data types.  depending on the component you right-clicked on, you'll see any variables being passed from upstream of the component you chose.

from the sound of it, the component you were trying to use may be modular and doesn't implicitly produce output.