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Workflow Task Type

Created: 28 Feb 2013 • Updated: 28 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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SMP has a task type called "Workflow Task Type". How do you use it? I thought it would display my published workflows in the Item drop down but that is empty.

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This guy looks to be a holdover from the 6.* - 7 days where we allowed users to deploy workflows to machines AND THEN create item instances (dialog workflow, service workflow) in the SMP that "pointed" to these workflows. It's probably only usable in a sense of where you're using it as these old "deployed project pointers"

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Thats what I am seeing in the Workflow 7.0 User Guide - "Publishing projects to Symantec Management Console 7.0". You could publish workflows as right click tasks or server task items.

What I am trying to do is have Monitor solution trigger a workflow web service when an event is triggered. I found the basic email alert task is not useful enough anymore and we want to put in better checks and balances when alerts are triggered. For instance email the primary owner of the hardware and then email the secondary if the primary doesn't acknowled the event. Possible even have an IM get sent through Jabber API or even automatically create a change control ticket.

All that is possible if I could just get the workflow to trigger. I thought this task would do the trick but if it was removed in 7.1, how do I do it now?

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OMG... Call Webservice on Server task! This is AWESOME!

Thats my work around!

Just create a Monitor Workflow project. Do what you need it to do but make sure you create imput tokens on your primary model. This will let you pass data into your workflow. Then publish it. Grab the url, click Service Description to get the WSDL link. Past it in the Call Webservice task and your are set! The inputs you create will show up in the task and you can now pass data into your workflow service from SMP!