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Workflow Textbox required field disable error message

Created: 26 Dec 2012 | 3 comments

I'm trying to build a form but I'm having difficulties on how to disable the "IP Address is required" error message when the textbox is hidden. Does anyone knows how to disable the error message when text box is hidden? Please take a look at the screen shot.

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I'd do something similar to the following:

Under Validation, check "Use Custom Validation" and make a model that does the following:

True/False Rule against visibility of IP Address. If false, no validation message. If true, add a validation message saying it is required.

See the attahced project for an example (ignore any upgrade warnings)

WebFormsProject1.package 2.8 MB
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I clicked on the "IP address textbox and edit the custom validation as you suggested and it still doesn't work. Also, I have workflow 7.1 version and I don't have the conversion tool. So, could you please show me the screenshots instead? Thanks

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Here's some screenshots. "Your mileage may vary" depending on your situation.

This is my main flow... I add a new boolean element "boo" which I will eventually hook up to the textbox's visibility in the Form Builder.

This is my Form Builder. The textbox visibility is hooked to "boo" and I've added a model for Custom Validation.

Here is my custom validation model. I use True/False rule to test for textbox visibilty "boo". if false, I have a "null" validation message. If true I add a validation message.

If you run the flow with different values of "boo", the validation will happen. Hope this helps.