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Workflow - Update Altiris Cell Phone Asset

Created: 08 Jul 2013 | 5 comments

How do I go about and update information for an existing asset and save it back to the NS? For instance, I want to update the mobile number of a cell phone asset in workflow. I have Add and Delete working great. Just don't understand how to handle updating an existing asset.

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There should be a few components out there to help:

1. Get Resource for SMP

2. Save Resource for SMP

I would fetch the Asset with Get Resource for SMP component, mark it up manually (using a Single Value Mapping or something similar), and then call Save Resource for SMP.

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That was my guess. Really wish these components were documented. I'll give it a try.

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For the "Get Resource With Name for SMP" component, I am getting the following error and I don't understand why:

Variable UpdateCell on property OutputResource is not an array and should not be

UpdateCell is not used anywhere else. UpdateCell is just the output variable.

8-15-2013 2-45-58 PM.png

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If the suggest above doesn't help you may look at rebuilding the Symantec.Components.Generated7.Altiris.Resources. This integration project doesn't contain all the possible resource component types that are actually available in the SMP. The default dll simply contains the main resource components that most customers will need. 

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I can't recompile it because I don't have ServiceDesk installed... nor plan to.

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