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Workflow VMWare vSphere SDK

Created: 04 Mar 2013 | 5 comments

There have been a few posts on connect with people having issues getting the SDK to work with the integration component compiler. I even saw a post that Symantec was going to release their own integration component. Where do we stand on this? I have a workflow project that will require integration with vSphere so we can build VM's on the fly.

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We are still in the process of putting the VMWare components together. We expect them to be part of the Workflow 7.5 release later this year.

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If you use the VMM solution on SMP at all, another option is to try integrating with the different task types they introduce. VMM solution duplicates a lot of the functionality of vSphere, like deploying a VM, taking a snapshot, etc.

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We have toyed with the VMM solution but find it causes issues from time to time. For instance every now and then we will get duplicate computer records showing up in the console. One will be managed while the other wont be. We also won't be given an option to merge the two records. This is on ESXi 5.0.

Does the API for VMM exist to create new machine tasks? My understanding you couldn't have a "tokenized" version of this task.

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For 1st Query -> If VMs are migrated due to V-Motion/ DRS,User have to run Discovery Task on VCentre and Inventory Task on particular hypervisors, it will avoid duplication of VMs associated with the hypervisors.

2nd Query -> Currently we are not supporting “Tokenized” version for creating VMM Tasks.

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Just passing along info I got from someone else. I'll have to track down the rest of the documentation, but in essence you need to adjust the wsdl file to point to the full path of the xsd files. Below is the note..


In the original file it’s just “query-messagetypes.xsd”, so you need to replace all path that include files with “.xsd” extension. And in the Workflow you need to select “vimService” instead of “vim” file.