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Workflow Web Service generator

Created: 03 Apr 2013 | 7 comments

Hello all

I am trying to use a SOAP Webservice from a instance.

I can generate components for Workflow, by inputting the WSDL definition for the webservice that I want to use.

The problem I have is that the webservice specifies "elementFormDefault=unqualified" in the WSDL file. The components generated, when "elementFormDefault" is equal to "unqualified" always return NULL, no matter what I try.

I have tested with the webservice set to specify "elementFormDefault=qualified", and this will return data. Unfortunately I can not specify this setting, as it will break other functionality in the solution we use.

Is there a way to get the Worklfow webservice component generator to understand "elementFormDefault=unqualified" so that the calls to will return data ??? I have not found any way to specify this in the generator, but maybe I am not looking in the right places.

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We've been able to successfully integrate with service-now, I hadn't run into the issue you're seeing though. I just looked at our wsdl from and the elementformdefault is showing as qualified. Have you tried other wsdls from other tables to see if they pull back info? 

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If your WSDL shows elementFormDefault=qualified, the Service-Now instance has been changed.

The default setup for a Service-Now instance is to send back elementFormDefault=unqualified. This can be changed by logging in as an administrator in Service-Now, search for "Web Services" and find the checkmark where it tells something about "elementFormDefault".

I have tried removing the elementFormDefault checkmark, and then all queries through Service-Now webservices works fine, and returns data that Symantec Workflow Solution can handle.

My problem is that we already has other integrations that call Service-Now, and these other integrations expect elementFormDefault to be unqualified. If I can not force Symantec Workflow to use "unqualified", I will have to get the other integrations changed.

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Just wondering what integration you guys are doing? We use SN too and I just sync the Altiris CI's to the SN CI's using the MID Server.

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I have different things I would like to try, mostly react to different tickets in the system.

We use SMP to install software for our users. This is done by adding a computer to a filter, so if someone requests to have Visio on their computer, I would get a ticket in Service-Now, with the computername and the softwarename. I would then have to open this ticket, get the 2 pieces that I need, and put the information in to SMP, which would install the software next time the computer checks its policies.

All software installations would have the same title, that I could use to get only that kind of tickets. The computername would be the CI, and the software would be another field in the ticket, chosen from a drop down list.

I would make a workflow that would run every 15 minutes or so, and get the tickets, and then perform the adding to filter.

Another idea we have is to automate the creation of users, based on tickets in Service-Now.

At the moment there is some manual tasks in the creation of users, but when we start using Service-Now a user will be created based on a ticket. If all the information is in the ticket, a workflow could be used to create the user.

This could also be a workflow running every x minutes to check if new tickets matching "create user xxxxx" is available.

My part of the IT department get a lot of tasks that we could automate, and with Service-Now we are getting a system that is easy to "talk to" via webservices.

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We're not doing anything major just yet, we just implemented incident, problem, and change 6 months ago. We're about to start Phase 2 of our process and get into Asset Management.

We put a monitoring system in place for SEP Event alerts, then from a dialog workflow if we choose to do so we can create a ticket and assign it to the helpdesk. We then monitor the status of the ticket and once it's closed it completes the workflow.

I like the fact that they're pretty flexible and have direct web services, so we're able to tie in any custom table and add records if we please or remove. This is going to come in handy with Discovery for instance and being able to add subnets on the fly as we bring on more sites within the company.

Lastly, we're planning to do something similar to CBaelum. We'll use the service catalog and once the approvals go through for the purchase of the software we'll make a decision only project available and add the pc to the filter so it gets installed. We will probably have servicenow call the altiris web service most likely.

Looking to do the same with procurement and the ordering of new PCs through CDW. Once the PC is ordered we would get the hardware info back from the particular pc and precreate the CI in ServiceNow and create the computer in DS (still using 6.9) and NS using the MAC address and Serial Number. Based on the OS that was selected from the service catalog we would have the job set to run in the DS and it would kick off as soon as the machine is PXE booted. The NS would take care of the rest of the software delivery when it's loaded after image completion. 

I'd definitely like to chat with you guys if you have some time and see how your other experiences have been with it. It's new to us and I'd like to see what others are doing with it and get some ideas.

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Hello CBealum,

I am also upto a same assigment. I have to integrate a inhouse tool with the Service Now. I was trying to write a web services client pgm and access the incident table through WSDL. Though there were no compiling error, the pgm failed at run time.

Could you please guide on how this can be done. Is it necessary that Axis2 should be installed. I have Netbeans 7.2. I tried by changing the "elementFormDefault" property to Yes in the System Properties. Still no luck.

Do you have any vendor sample code for pgms to establish connectivity and access any table. A simple one should do.

Totally stuck at this pointsad. Help will be greatly appreciated.

Ann Elizabeth

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I dont know if this is still relevant, but for making Service-Now webservice calls, the best way to find information is on the wiki for Service-Now.

For Direct Web Services look at this page:

In the link there is a small sample in Perl, but it should be easy enough to make something in another language.