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Workspace Virtualization / Streaming

Created: 17 Oct 2013 • Updated: 21 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi all,

Just a simple question about Workspace Virtualization / Streaming:

Can i package all types of software ? Are there clear limitations to what software i can package / stream? In our organization we use a lot of different sometimes self-build softwares.



Operating Systems:

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What you can virtualize :

Most applications can be virtualized. Typical applications include office suites, Internet browsers, media, and Office utilities, Home grown applications for Windows, Windows installer \ Install shield based apps etc.

Applications function normally when virtualized by the Workspace Virtualization Agent.You can also create virtualized data layers.

What you cannot :

  • Windows operating system components
  • Windows operating system patches
  • Most drivers
  • Applications that have dedicated drivers (example:Client firewalls)
  • All management agents including antivirus software, security scanners, encryption agents, or any Symantec Management Platform Agent Data files that you plan to encrypt
  • Utilities that are designed to run only in safe mode (Workspace Virtualization does not run in safe mode)

Conclusion : There is no actual limitation on what can be packaged while there are limitations on what cannot be. Application market is wide and dynamic. Symantec Worksapce Virtualization has a high degree of packaging efficiency and offers its own packaging tool (Workspace Composer) which facilitates a wide range of options to customize/tweak application behaviour when virtualized.

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Hello Ksreek,

Thank you for the information.