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Workstations not seeing Local GUP

Created: 05 Dec 2013 • Updated: 10 Dec 2013 | 5 comments
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I'm running into an issue where the Workstations at a site are not picking up the Local GUP per the policy.  If I enable Debug on the SEP client I see the list of GUPs the SEP Client has to choose from but its not up to date compared to the LiveUpdate policy that is getting applied to the SEP Client.  Checking the GUP it is definitely listening on port 2967 and I've checked to see if possibly it is a DNS issue but does not appear to be.  At this point I'm trying to figure out how to get the SEP Client to update the list of GUPs it has to choose from even though according to the SEP Client it has the most recent SEP Policy pushed to it.  Any ideas?

Other things to note.  I have approx. 45 GUPs across about 30 sites.  And at the moment only this site appears to be having an issue.  Also it does appear to be all machines at this site. Thoughts?



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Are the clients picking up the policy in general? Does it match what's in sepm? what's the exact sep version?

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Have you tried manually exporting the sylink from the group within the SEPM and then importing the sylink to the client on the machine see if that updates it?

Right click on group (SEPM) export communications settings transfer file to machine.

Open SEP client Help > Torubleshooting Import sylink communication settings

Check if everything now communicates and has updated properly

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in your LiveUpdate policy, try to set the GUPs by their IP addresses (it is suggested to be static for the GUPs), hence the clients will be quickly able to identify which one is one the same subnet rather than asking to the DNS.



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Ensure that on client(GUP) SEP system log shows start working as GUP.

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Sorry guys I figured it out.  A bit of a mistake on my side.  So the only way I was checking to see if the GUP was online was by doing a telnet on port 2967 to the GUP and it WAS listening.  However, I totally didnt think to go check the GUP status inside the SEPM and after doing so I realized that it was not deemed a GUP and the reason why was because the GUP itself had the SMC service disabled.  As soon as I re-enabled the service all the lights came back on essentially and everything was good to go.  All SEP clients are updating as they should now.