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WPS 8.0 MR1 Hot/Point Fix Roll-up?

Created: 17 Dec 2013 | 4 comments

There are multiple 'point fixes' (64Bit registry delete on Win7, file copy using wildcards, etc.) that replace the WISE0132.dll but NONE are cummulative, they all appear to start with the same broken baseline .dll and fix only that one issue, if you fix one thing it undoes the previous one - I have yet to find a rollup hotfix for this critical .dll.

So my question to all is "do you know of any Hot fix / Point fix roll-up releases for WPS 8.0 R1?



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Highly unlikely. The WPS 8 product was end-of-lifed shortly after the release of MR1, but there remained some active support agreements under which specific issues may have been fixed over the subsequent 12 months. There was no budget or team to create a roll up of these fixes as the product was no longer shipping.

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Perhaps if you posted all of the HF binaries to this thread, someone in the community might be able to create an updated DLL file containing all of the fixes??

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I do not have any special access to the HF binaries - if they are not available from the Connect articles library then they must be obtained through Tech Support.

I somehow doubt that anyone lacking the actual source code of the original DLL would be able to create an updated DLL containing all the fixes. After all, it's pretty clear that the Symantec developers were not able to create a bug free DLL in the first place, even with the source code.

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For what it's worth these are the binary/download locations for the Hotfixes - but without the source code it would be difficult to combine them...

Known Issue: Copy local file action does not copy when using wild cards:

Known Issue: Problems using the delete reg key action on Windows 7

Known Issue: Variables with a value larger than 255 characters do not write to Insert Line of Text action, getting truncated
NOTE!!: This file seems to be causing Advapi32.dll errors with compiled .exe files running on 32bit systems - so it was never really 'fixed' to begin with.