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Write to Data domain Cifs share but "Disk volume is down(2074)"

Created: 27 Mar 2013 • Updated: 27 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have a "Disk volume is down(2074)" issue.

NBU master: CentOS release 5.5 (Final)

Media server: Window2008 X64, NBU7.5.0.3  , 10.76.12.XX

Data domain : 10.76.12.YY

Media server can access and write to data domain cifs share \\10.76.12.YY\\mtree_blxecnbumast_exch01

now I created backup policies and start it manually but it always show me  "Disk volume is down(2074)" error.

here is the detail.

please  help point me the right direction!

thanks in advance


2013-3-27 1:19:08 - Info nbjm (pid=13852) starting backup job (jobid=87526) for client, policy exch_ashdb01-10_trans, schedule Full
2013-3-27 1:19:08 - Info nbjm (pid=13852) requesting STANDARD_RESOURCE resources from RB for backup job (jobid=87526, request id:{FEF41CF0-96B6-11E2-8704-180E9F5C54EA})
2013-3-27 1:19:08 - requesting resource ashrmmnt01_exch01_dd860_mtree
2013-3-27 1:19:08 - requesting resource
2013-3-27 1:19:08 - requesting resource
2013-3-27 1:19:08 - Error nbjm (pid=13852) NBU status: 2074, EMM status: Disk volume is down
2013-3-27 1:29:08 - job 87526 was restarted as job 87526
Disk volume is down  (2074)

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Marianne's picture

Please show us Storage Unit config. Run this command on the Master server:

bpstulist -label <STU-name> -L

Please also check Service logon accounts on the media server for these 2 services: 
Netbackup Client Service and NetBackup Remote Manager and Monitor Service. 

Change both services from LocalSystem to a domain account with write permissions on the share.

Next, confirm comms between master and media server with these commands on the master:

nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose

nbemmcmd -getemmserver

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Ivy_Yang's picture

1) [root@blxecnbumast ~]# bpstulist -label ashrmmnt01_exch01_dd860_mtree -L

Label:                ashrmmnt01_exch01_dd860_mtree
Storage Unit Type:    Disk
Media Subtype:        Basic (1)
Host Connection:
Concurrent Jobs:      1
On Demand Only:       yes
Path:                 "\\\mtree_blxecnbumast_exch01"
Robot Type:           (not robotic)
Max Fragment Size:    10240
Max MPX:              1
Stage data:           no
Block Sharing:        no
File System Export:   no
High Water Mark:      98
Low Water Mark:       80
Ok On Root:           no

2) all the NBU services are running with domain account svc.exchangerepmgr instead of local system

3) I log in media server via domain account svc.exchangerepmgr and I can write to the Data domain cifs share......but it prompt for username/password at the first time

4)both the "nbemmcmd -listhosts -verbose " and  "nbemmcmd -getemmserver" completes successfully

[root@blxecnbumast ~]# nbemmcmd -getemmserver
NBEMMCMD, Version:
These hosts were found in this domain:,

Checking with the host ""...
Checking with the host ""...

Server Type    Host Version        Host Name                     EMM Server         
MEDIA          7.5       
MASTER         7.5       

Command completed successfully.

RamNagalla's picture


on what user account Netbackup services are running on Media sever?

does that user account have the access to  DD CIFS share?

does the access provided in DD CIFS level?

i undestand when you try to access the share, it used the login accout that you used or it will ask for authentication..

but with netbackup try to access the Share, it used the on what account netbackup servvices are running.

so make sure that the accout that is running for the Netbackup services is having the access to the DD CIFS share and check agian..

Ivy_Yang's picture

Ah you 're right I think.

all the NBU services are running with domain account svc.exchangerepmgr...

I think I need to create the same account on datadomain.............

Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

3) I log in media server via domain account svc.exchangerepmgr and I can write to the Data domain cifs share......but it prompt for username/password at the first time

This means the user svc.exchangerepmgr does not have right to access DD.

I believe DD can not use Domain authentication. Create local user for CIFS access on both media server and DD with same user name and same password. Make sure this user is in local administrator group.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

Ivy_Yang's picture

thanks al of you, Marianne, Nagalla,Yasuhisa!

but I can only mark one of you as solution.............smiley

Ivy_Yang's picture

yes, you are right.

I create the same account on Data domain and then the backup can resume to write to data domain.........