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Writer Name: Backup Exec Deduplication Storage, Writer ID: {55F6D76D-8617-4FC8-81E9-DF0DE529B555}, Last error: The VSS Writer timed out (0x800423f2), State: Failed during thaw operation (10).

Created: 18 Jun 2014 | 7 comments


Running 2010 R3, all patches installed. Server 2008 R2 Std.

I have a backup job which is getting this error out of the blue - I am backing up to a single non-rotated External HDD (this will be changing very soon, we are in the middle of transitioning infrastructure)

The error gives me this resolution:

Workaround: Move the backup of the deduplication storage folder into its own seperate job to be executed after queue processing has completed.

However I have no idea what this is referring to, I have dug about the BEWS Console but cant really find what I am supposed to do?

Operating Systems:

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Are you backing up the dedupe folder after the normal backups complete? Or during?

If so, it is basically stating you need to create a separate job in order to accomplish this.


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It doesn't matter. You would only have 1 dedupe folder located on your backup drive. I am specifically referring to the actual backup job.


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Your backups would run to the dedupe folder located on the external drive. Are you then trying to backup the dedupe folder elsewhere? Is there something in your job configured to do so?


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Yes, so I am backing up 2 servers, of which one is the media server the external HDD is connected to and where the dedupe folderr is located.

The backup selection does NOT include this folder, I triple checked!

Thank you

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Have you checked under the Shadow Copy Components node as well ?

The Backup Exec Deduplication Storage node appears under Shadow Copy Components and if this is checked, then the storage is getting backed up as well.

If you have verified that DeDupe folder is not checked at all, try recreating the selection list, backup job to rule out any corruption issues.