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Created: 13 Jun 2013 • Updated: 13 Aug 2013 | 4 comments

Hi Connect Forum Dev Community,

We have written an external intranet application that exposes assets assigned to ‘holding’ locations when not actually assigned to an employee.  This is to allow managers to re-allocate idle assets as new employees commence and to put assets in a hold location when employees leave.

At the moment we are emailing the assignment requests to the IT helpdesk where the actual Altiris transfer will be carried out manually.  This creates a lag time between assigning the asset in the external app and the actual assignment in Altiris.

The app lists available assets from the live Altiris database and we have identified the need to write a ‘reserved’ flag back to the table as they are assigned in the external app to a user.  This will prevent the asset showing up in other managers lists as an available asset before the actual Altiris assignment can be done.

Can anyone help out with a suitable table and column that we can write the ‘Reserved’ flag to that will be visible/editable to the Altiris operator? (it will need to be deleted when the asset is assigned.) Alternativly could we just create a new table/column to accomplish this?

The next obvious step to the above is to write the asset assignment directly to Altiris from the external app, eliminating the helpdesk email and manual assignment.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge with writing asset assignments directly to Altiris from an external app?  We need to know what tables need to be populated, (there seem to be multiple tables populated for various reasons), and if any internal workflows/triggers will be affected.



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There is other way which bypasses creation of table. Maybe, you can create custom status as ‘Reserved’ from CMDB Global Settings page (  Settings –All Setting---Service and Asset Management --CMDB Solution-CMDB Global Settings ) and you can change your asset  status to this custom status from edit resource page.

Please find attachment of Image1.JPEG and Image2.JPEG for more about the steps.

Please let me know if this resolution works for you or not



Image1.JPEG Image2.JPEG
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Can I create a table in the altiris cmdb to store the result set of a builtin stored procedure? A colleague said that some commercial database products might delete the table at some point when a scan is run to check the integrity. does this apply to the altiris cmdb?

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Please find attached a document explaining how to create a Reserve flag in database which could be associated with an Asset.

Please let me know if this helps you in resolving your query.


Mukesh Agarwal

How to add a Reserved Flag to the Assets.doc 171.5 KB
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Hi Symantec Devs,

That will accomplish the status but it wont help us with the automation, we will still need a tech to manually make that change, we hope to automate this through our asset check portal. Our in house dev is asking some questions which I will add below to clarify. Apologies, I was unable to login with my initial account or reset the password so I am using a new user name.




I have managed to locate the base table where (I think) the actual Status of an asset in Altiris is stored.  It is called the Item table and the ‘name’ column in this table is used as the Status of the asset in various views.

I can drill down and view the Item details for an asset by using the _ResourceGUID exposed in the AssetCheck main query and also by using a hardcoded ResourceAssociationTypeGUID (see example query)…

Results are in the attachment.

select item.*

from ResourceAssociation left join

Item on Item.Guid = ResourceAssociation.ChildResourceGuid

where ResourceAssociation.ResourceAssociationTypeGuid = '3028166F-C0D6-41d8-9CB7-F64852E0FD01' –-This is the hardcoded ResourceAssociationTypeGUID

and ResourceAssociation.ParentresourceGUID = 'FA17A188-8934-4158-8922-AC475BD90534'    --This is the _ResourceGUID from the AssetCheck app

On saving an allocation of an asset from a cost centre to an employee, I could probably set up a query (similar to the above) to run to get the GUID from the Altiris Item table and then use that GUID to update the Item ‘name’ column, thus updating the status in the app.

The main risk is that I am forced to use a hardcoded ResourceTypeGUID which could change in a future Altiris update.  I also do not know if a workflow will be triggered by updating the Item ‘name’ column.

Can anyone see any problem with doing this?


ItemDemoData.xlsx 10.56 KB