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Wrong Author on Solution E-Mail

Created: 16 Nov 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi all

I just got a solution E-Mail from Connect.
In that E-Mail, the Solution is marked as this:


15 Nov 2013 Gavin Palmer replied

Hi Actually, the script responsible for adding permissions is also able to remove permissions. SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 -User [-Server ] [-Action {Add | Remove}] [-Level {All | Provisioning}] [-Verbose {$True | $False}] So for example: ./SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 -User DOMAIN\svc.EV -Action Remove -Level All should remove it. Cheers Michel

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But if you look at the Post, it was written by myself, not by Gavin Palmer.
Gavin Palmer was the last replier and/or the one who clicked "Solution".


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Thanks Michel,

I'll open a ticket to address this issue.