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WSFC Resource Deadlock when took offline EV Cluster Storage Service

Created: 02 Dec 2011 | 5 comments
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Hi, I'm having this issue when took offline EV cluster storage service using Microsoft Failover Clustering manager:

Windows error reporting: WSFC Resource Deadlock when took offline EV Storage Service.

System error event: The Enteprise vault storage service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 4 times.

Failover cluster event: Cluster resource ‘xxxx-EnterpriseVault StorageService’ in clustered service or application ‘xxxx’ failed.  (xxxx is the cluster name).

Tried to Dtrace Storage Service and task controller but cannot find anything.

Anyone had this issue before?

After it failed, it can be brought up online without any issue.

Thank you.

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thanks guys, i checked but no much information. Our storage is configured using UNC path, can be that problem?

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Really hard to say to be honest.  My personal first port of call for this would be to speak to MS about this issue, as though it is an EV service the operation to failover is a MS one.  I woudl then let them guide you and if then it does come back to an EV fault somehow they provide you with information on this to pass to EV support.

I dont think the problem is SQL Deadlocks from your description.

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one thing related to SQL server is the UNC path is on SQL server which is also using MSCS. Will try to check with MS first.

Thank you.