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XAML Browser disabled in IE9 - will a Full-Trust certificate overcome this?

Created: 04 Jan 2013 | 3 comments


Recently the IE developers enhanced the way IE9 security works when it downloads and XAML browser file (I need to do this as I have
a Winforms application hosted 'within' an XBAP)

IE9 requires me to go to their security panel and 'Enable XAML browser applications' before it will run my application.

Now while I am more than happy to purchase  a Full-Trust certificate from a provider (e.g. Symantec) but ...
with this certificate attached to my website (and by implication my application) will users STILL have to
re-configure their browser to 'Enable XAML bowser applications' before my Winforms application runs, or will it just
run seamlessly?

For what its worth my application might be used by hundreds (or hopefully) thousands of people, and I would hate the thought
of them all having to change their browser settings.  Will a Full-Trust certificate avoid this problem?


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patriot3w's picture

It's related to zone, is it intranet website? can use GPO to push the policy?

ray_chapman48's picture

Its Internet always ... my website will only be available to other users on the Internet (I don't have an Intranet)

They connect to my website, they invoke the application, it runs, it overcomes the 'Not Trusted' problem because of its 'Full-Trust' certificate, but will it also run without then changing their IE9 browser settings which (by default) don't enable XAML browsers; is the Full-Trust certificate enough to get round this?

patriot3w's picture

But it's IE default settings, unless the users change it...