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XML Export to specified directory as Smart Response?

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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Hi all,

I'm currently using DLP 11.5.

I'm trying to export incident data as XML to a given directory or path as a Smart Response, but am not sure where to begin or if this is possible.

The steps to execute this manually would be as follows:

  1. Start at incident list view without any summarization applied.
  2. Select incidents in question.
  3. Under "incident actions" > "Export Selected: XML" 
  4. Save to hard-coded location, for example, "C:\SampleDirectory\"

Is it possible to execute this as a Smart Response in DLP 11.5? 

Does 11.6 the capability to design something that would meet the above requirements?

-Thanks in advance!


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So, you mean: you need to export the incident as XML file at the time each incident generated?

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Instead of at the time each incident is generated, I need to be able to export incident detail for a desired set of incidents (even if one at a time) on demand.

Does that make sense?  Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to clear up any questions.

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on second thought, it would not be a deal breaker if this was at the point of generation for all violations.  The key requirement is being able to export these violations as XML.

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You can use Web Archive to export the incidents (include the incidents details) for a desired set of incidents.

But, there is no method to export the incident detail during each incident generated.

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Dan, you can use Web Archive as Yang Zhang said, But if you want to export reports by schedule you may use Reporting API to write own application.

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Hi Yang,

Thanks for the tip - I will look into the web archive capabilities, but the problem with web archive (system>incidentdata>web archive) is that I am unable to set a schedule for this to occur regularly (daily, 2x per day, etc)

Creating Archive...   

Export output directory: D:\Vontu\Protect\archive\
Also - when I try to set up a scheduled distribution, it requires email address.
I think scheduled distribution could potentially work if the CSV could be dropped into a local directory.

Hi Artem,

Do you happen to know of any publicly available examples of the reporting API's?