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XP imaging through DS 7.1(Issues)

Created: 06 Dec 2011 | 3 comments
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Hi All,

I am migration the DS 6.9 Sp4 to DS 7.1 and i am having issues on DS 7.1 so please advise as per your experiece

Question I

      DS 6.9 SP 4 :

i have more than 10 different model and i using one Xp image across the model, with help of Altiris tokens and script, download the appropriate driver from the shared storage as per the model and small tweak in sysprep for injectection the drviers

DS 7.1:

Please advise the above scenario how can i achieve this, beside that i know the deploy anywhere option can able to handle the thrid other PC component driver but no luck to configure and achieve it.

Question II:

the below procedure i am using for creation and deployment of Image by Ds 7.1 


  •                   Install OS and basic softwares as per need
  •                  Install Altiris Agent, Deployment plugin and Automation

                 Send job as listed below

  •                                      Prepare the disk image (here is mini sysprep will run clear the SId, computer name , drivers)  --(I lost my admin password)
  •                                      Boot to PXE
  •                                      Create Image
  •                                      Boot back to production

As per the above procedure i lost my admin password and the computer registered info


  •                 Boot from PXe
  •                deploy Image (the one i created with generate the sysprep configuration file with Inventory data)
  •                Boot to Production
  •                Apply system configuration

As per the above deployment procedure i am not able to define the drivers injection and the name which i need to define the PC

because as per the PXE for fresh machine it will generate the minint.xxxx name so please advise any suitable solution for this



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I have following query to understand your present issue better :)

Query related to Q1:

What is the error on 7.1(DS Version?) Console/Altiris Log Viewer when required drivers are not getting added to Driver Database Management for DeployAnywhere. Also check the \\localhost\Deployment\Task Handler\DriverDB with date sorting order if there are “any” drivers added.

Query related to Q2:

Create Image:

1. “I lost my admin password”; here password should have been changed to “password”

2. “Lost the computer registered info”; here computer should retain the connectivity with NS after either doing the “Update” on SMAgent settings page or after default update 1 hour time

Deploy Image:

1. “not able to define the drivers injection”; DeployAnywhere option is default selected on Deploy Image task page and if selected you should also see “DeployAnywhere.bat” on X:\ of Preboot  

2. “the name which need to define the PC”; the hostname would be mini-xx in Preboot but will change once the computer is back in production and received the Apply System Configuration task.


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Sysperp integration is for now mostly unusable in the actual DS7.1 state (no dynamic sysprep modification where's ReplaceToken gone ?), so you have to use only scripts action

1 /

  1. Boot to PXE
  2. Mount the \\%ALTIRIS_PXE_SERVER%\Deployment share
  3. Format the drive (if you're using wim images) and Deploy your image
  4. Retrieve the Computer Model by WMI script to define which drivers are necessary (i use Folder with Computer Model Name which contains model's drivers)
  5. copy the driver at the right place on your destination computer
  6. Create a manual vbscript that replace tokens on your sysprep.inf file to a %COMPUTERID%.inf file.
  7. Copy the %COMPUTERID%.inf file at the right place on destination computer
  8. Create a c:\MacGUID.txt with %COMPUTERID% on it.
  9. Reboot to production

You should have included Symantec Management Agent in your image and having cleaned the MachineGUID from Registry before capturing. You will have defined a script launched at the first boot that stop the Altiris agent, populate the registry Key with the c:\MacGUID content and restart the Agent.

It just a sample of how you can do and several steps are a little bit difficult to integrate...but anyway scrpting is the unique solution for now to make something work with DS7.1

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and you don't need to remove the Agent GUID "IF you do as the product is designed and actually use the "prepare for image capture" task, then we clean up the SMP agent install so it CAN be cloned.":