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XP to Windows 7 Data Migration - "Specify Destination Path" Option Not Working

Created: 19 Sep 2012

I am working on migrating several hundred computers from Windows XP to Windows 7.  I want to capture the user data, shortcuts, etc. that are located on the user's XP desktop profile and restore it to a folder named "Old" on the user's Windows 7 desktop.

When I go into Symantec Ghost Console>Configuration Resources>User Migration Templates>Files and Folders tab, I click the Add button and add $MyDesktop$ as the Path for what to backup.  Towards the bottom of this window, I checkmark the box that reads, "Specify destination path".  I have tried several combinations at this point.  I have tried specifying the destination path as:


C:\Users\Public\Desktop\Old\ (just to see if it would work)

C:\Users\Public\Desktop\ (just to see if it would work)

$Music$ (just to see if it would work)

I export the template to a USB thumbdrive with the User Migration Wizard and save it in E:\Ghost Solution Suite 2.5\User Migration Wizard\xml.  I leave the file named SCMMigrationOptions.xml.  I run the wizard and select for it to perform a Restore.

It doesn't matter what I set as the destination, it always restores the files to the desktop of the profile it was created from.  It completely ignores whatever I set for the destination.  I might as well not even select anything for the destination.  The documentation says that you should be able to set a custom destination. (see page 30 under Restoring Users).

Can anyone think of any reason for why the "Specify destination path" would not work?  I am new to using this tool as we are evaluating tools for user data migration.  This one was a favorite, until I ran into this issue.