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XP to XP clone

Created: 19 Jun 2013 | 2 comments

Has anyone cloned one XP computer to a different computer keeping it XP?

I would like to do this mostly, so I can keep my Applications, and of course data, and settings is also a benefit.

Assuming I turn off the old XP computer and replace it with the newly cloned XP computer I would probably be ok?


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Do you mean,you want to create an image of a XP computer and retore it to another machine ?

Is the other machine identical(hardware) as the source ?

Check the below mentioned articles ,to get started,

Title: How to use Ghost Solution Suite 2.5 to create and restore an image to a local drive

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If you plan to move to new hardware, you are going to need to install all the necessary drivers for XP to be able to access the devices on the new computer. The biggest risk is if the mass storage drivers on the new computer are different to those on the old computer, as this will almost certainly cause the boot up to blue screen and fail on the new machine. As the mass storage driver is a low level driver, the only solution to the blue screening is to reinstall XP on the cloned machine and during the initial install phase, add the block device driver. The existing XP configuration and apps installations should be preserved.

However, if you are moving to a new and more modern machine, I would seriously recommend a clean installation of your operating system as any 'old' windows install is going to have a lot of rubbish in the file system and registry which will be slowing it down.  Bearing in mind that Microsoft support for XP ends next April, I would also recommend you move to Windows 7 if you want to retain a secure environment. Windows 7 performance is also better than XP's in many areas.

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