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You can log the analysis of an email?

Created: 24 Aug 2012 • Updated: 26 Aug 2012
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Hi !

We have a client who had good experiences with MS Exchange antivirus and are conducting laboratory tests. If all goes correctly, is an implementation of nearly 60 servers.
The environment consists of implementing MS Exchange 2007 in a cluster environment, configured in two active nodes and one passive node. Each of the active nodes Mailboxs Database contains 3 each. All servers are Windows 2003 server.
Our client needs to know if the bases are analyzed by SMSMSE with Autoprotect when Failover is performed as detected with other products, the analysis is not performed when the active node fails. It's rare, but we have to show that SMSMSE still analyzing when the node is active again.
For this test, we created an email account that is stored in each of the bases and send multiple emails with EICAR for detection. Meanwhile, one of the active nodes cease to be in line to run the failover.
Pense in debug mode Autoprotect, as announced in But do not know if this will work, since the idea is to show the customer with details, that mail is analyzed.
This is possible? I appeal to the experience of you to advise some other method.
From already thank you!