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zoning the data stores with full read write privilege

Created: 05 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi All,

The appliance 5220 v2.5 was configured as VMware backup host and the datastore of all esx osts are visible to this appliance.when i'm trying to discover the vm machine inside the esx servers it is failed to finf the question is : is it possible that the data strores were zoned without privilage to read and write? or through zoneing no settings for privileges ?


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VM discovery is not done via the SAN. At this point the network is used with the user name and password that you added in Media and Device Management -> Credentials.
So, verify network connectivity and user name and password.

Also double-check that you have selected Backup Media Server in Backup options on the VMware tab in the policy to ensure Appliance is used as backup host and that Appliance is specified as STU.

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As the network admin said to me : user name and password for the vcenter has full previlage . and when i added the vcenter the validation was succeded using 443 port.
inside the policy i verified that the appliance is backup host and it specified as STU.

the main concern here about the previlage when zoning the data store !!!
what do you thing

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Zoning of datastores has nothing to do with discovery of VM's... It only plays a role in data transfer during actual backup.
I can use our demo 5220 to browse our in-house lab ESX server without data stores being zoned. 
Test backups are done using LAN.

Have you tried to select virtual machines manually, instead of the 'automatic through query' option?
Use 'Select manually' in Clients tab, then 'Browse and select...'

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yes , "browse and select" taking too much time then hang,it is not finding any VM.the only way is to enter the full name,but when run this client it taking too much time discovering then failed.

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This sounds very much like an earlier thread I dealt with here:

It is helped / resolved by the disableIPResolution setting on the appliance:

On the appliance create the following file:
and then add the following section to it - this is all case sensitive:


Probably best to re-start NetBackup on the appliance or reboot it after doing this

Then see if things work for you

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I dont know why it become same as the link you mentioned.really agree with you.
But the main concern here is about the previlage when zoning the data store !!!
Because as I know that some storage has it own privileges to read and write,and other storage just creatin direct path to the luns no privileges needed.
storage are HP and 3PAR