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nouvelle discussion 27 Juillet 2015
Hi, Is there any way to verify if a Backup Job is stucked ? Everyday I find Backup Jobs greater than 20 hours in active status, and Id like to verify if the job is stucked (command line option). Thanks
discussion mise à jour 27 Juillet 2015
Hi, Customer needs to have a clustered EV server in their production site due to high uptime requirement.  They are also looking at setting up a clustered EV server in their DR site as well. Can USL be used to failover a clustered EV server into another clustered EV server?  My guess is this should work.  Wanted to check if anyone had done this and if any concerns. Thanks,
nouvelle discussion 27 Juillet 2015
Hi, I have a symantec dlo 7.5 sp1 console on a windows 2012 server, I have installed the agent on 170 computers in the same domain of the console, I need to install some agents in computers that are in others domains. I have a trust fully relationship between this two domains, but when I try to install the agent in the second domain it is fails with the message Access Denied. Anyone can help ...
nouvelle discussion 27 Juillet 2015
Hi Symantec, I am working at SKhynix who producing TCG OPAL 2.0 SSD drives (SED SSD). Now SKhynix would like to know the contact information in Symantec to start TCG OPAL certificate with our SSD products. Please help on how to initiate it with Symantec. Regards, Minho Kim
événement mis à jour 27 Juillet 2015
Please join us for our United Kingdom Endpoint Management User Group meeting on Tuesday, September 29th, 2015, from 11:30am to 5:00pm at The Swan at The Shakespeare Globe. During the afternoon you will hear from Symantec experts who will cover the latest news and roadmaps for the next three releases of Endpoint Management, as well as showcasing  some great ways to ...