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discussion mise à jour 17 Sept 2014
HI, We are using SEPM 12.1.3001.165 on server 2008. We have blocked USB/MTP using Application and device control policy. Can we implement , when a user insert USB/MTP on his system a mail should go to a particular mail id? We have already defined mail server setting and checked it through sending a report.    
discussion mise à jour 17 Sept 2014
Hi , NBU 7.5 client :linux 5.9 oracle :11.2 i have two apllication servers which are configured as active / standy mode and both the servers have Oracle DB . i already sucessfully taken the bakcup of oracle DB in active server using RMAN script. so now i am trying  to take the DB bakcup of standby server , so i have choosed the RMAN script ...
nouvelle discussion 17 Sept 2014
Hi All, We  backup our VMware VMs  to the DataDomain with the policy storage for 5 weeks. Then there is a request to extend it to 3 montsh.  What is the best way to do it? Can we just use the bpexpdate command? Is it possible on the disk like DataDomain? Tape out? By duplicating the image usig Vault to the tape with expired date 3 months? (Is it true also if we duplicate to the ...
nouvelle discussion 17 Sept 2014
I have master servers running with versions and I have a client with Oracle Linux Server release 6.4 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.4 (RHEL) which version the netbackup client should be compatible with ? I have checked the compatibilty link (nbu_7x_scl.pdf) but I could not find a proper solution.
discussion mise à jour 17 Sept 2014
Hi all, We 've installed Symantec Backup Exec 2012 SP4 on the windows 2012 Std, and do the backup to the HP StorageWorks LTO-6 tape library ( 8 slots). We want to do the daily full backup (Monday to Sunday) for 5 servers. Below is the information:       - The first week 7 tapes will be labeled as: WK1-MON (slot 1), WK1-TUE (slot 2), WK1-WED (slot 3), WK1-THU (slot 4), WK1-FRI ...
discussion mise à jour 17 Sept 2014
Hello All, We have a Image on a Media at a different location we moved the Media to another location and imported the image on the New Master Server however when I filter the image in Backup Archive Restore.. I am not able to see it..   is there any Tech note available on this..???