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commentaire sur la discussion 30 Juin 2015
discussion mise à jour 30 Juin 2015
Hello I'm trying to restore single message from  Exchanage DAG. At the end of the job I’m getting an error: V-79-57344-65280 - Unable to restore the selected Microsoft Exchange databases because one or more of the storage group's databases are mounted.  Use the Exchange System Manager to dismount all the databases for the storage group 'dbname’', and then ...
nouveau billet 30 Juin 2015
At Symantec, we are fortunate to be able to engage closely with many different types of organisations across all stakeholders – from board members to end users, CISOs, to administrators, as well as the many roles in between. This affords us a whole spectrum of insights on the most pressing topics within cyber security today, embracing a diverse set of perspectives. Within the security ...
discussion mise à jour 30 Juin 2015
Hi folks, My system, which sole purpose in life is for importing and duplicating LTO2 tapes to LTO6, is failing to import any tapes. I've successfully been through the process of building a couple of test platforms and trying the process out first so that I understand how everything works before I move onto live tapes. Now that my live system is up and running, when I attempt to perform Phase ...
commentaire sur la discussion 30 Juin 2015
commentaire sur la discussion 30 Juin 2015
commentaire sur la discussion 30 Juin 2015
nouvelle discussion 30 Juin 2015
I was trying to ascertain how many mail items are eligible for archiving by future archiving runs, using the existing policies we have employed. The detailed Archived Mail Report (in EV 10) has a lot of information and I was after a little clarity what all the columns are used for. For instance there is a Pending Items coloumn, which doesn't amount to much in numbers. But there is ...