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nouveau billet 23 Juillet 2014
Contributor: Mayur Deshpande Phishing emails masquerading as banking communications are observed in huge quantities every single day. Spammers will often exploit global news and major world events to carry out phishing attacks. Phishing emails often use international and regional news to disguise their phishing content and force the recipients to give up sensitive personal data. Recently, ...
nouveau billet 23 Juillet 2014
The number of data breaches rose 62 percent in 2013, according to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, and the tactics and techniques of cybercriminals exponentially exploded. Motives of these cyber intruders vary: financial gain, network infiltration, “hacktivism”, cyber espionage/sabotage, or just simple harassment. As this underground economy grows, so does ...
nouveau concept 23 Juillet 2014
I've recently started using Symantec Cloud Endpoint protection after many years of using another, well know, saas endpoint security solution and the one thing I'm missing is he ability to exclude files and/or folders dynamically through the use of wildcards.   OK let me explain, I have a particular file, let's call it "file01.db" that sits in a sub directory of %appdata%, however ...
discussion mise à jour 23 Juillet 2014
I ahev followign questions.   We are planning to add disk based backups to retain onsite backups in a deduplicated format. Proposed Setup: 24TB(RAID 10),64GB RAM, BE 2014. The storage will be local to the server i.e it is not direct attached. Backups Clients: 4 Linux servers, 1 Ex2010 DAG, 3 Windows servers   Q1: When the data is deduplicated, on the disk. Can the copy job to ...
nouveau concept 23 Juillet 2014
When deploying Symantec Endpoint cloud protection via GP or any automatic deployment it would be useful if there was a way to get the "Computer Alias" field to automatically populate with the name of the currently logged on user rather than it simply filling with the computer name. This would make it far easier to identify machines. Alternatively if it was possible to export the list of ...