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nouvelle discussion 23 Mai 2015
Hello, i have a question and bevore i bother the Symantec Support i want to ask the wise community.I imagine that there is a solution for my case. Sooo, we have Symantec Backup Exec 15 on a Win 2008 R2 Server. Its all fine and we are happy with Symantec. Now we plan a new backup concept. My Case: We backup 5 Lotus Domino Servers to backup to disk (works so far). We also backup 4 other normal ...
discussion mise à jour 23 Mai 2015
Hi, We have just upgraded to and have a new issue whereby every day 5-10 of 50 or so of our VMware Snapshot backups sit waiting for the snapshot created at the start of the job to delete. The child job to back up the snapshot completes sucesfully and VMware does sucesfully delete the snapshot created for netbackup, but for some reason the message that this deletion has ...
discussion mise à jour 22 Mai 2015
hello, Please i having using the symantec Backup exec 12.5 Windows Server. The backup of my Exchange Server mailboxes has been successful but when i tried to restoring the individual mailboxes backedup but it keep failing with the following in the job completion status as Final error: The exchange system is a Cluster with an Exchange Virtual Server holding the mail services. Final Error: ...
nouvelle discussion 22 Mai 2015
Hi I have an odd issue. As I have been implementing servicedesk so I have been adding custom data fileds using the generator. I did this fine with Incident Management and can write and read using the ProcessID.  I have come to do the same in Change Management and created the library, which I have used to wite data to the new table which I can see in my modified process view page. ...
discussion mise à jour 22 Mai 2015
I had to recovery my "C" drive from a few weeks ago.  The problem is that I had created a number of incremental  backup jobs that gone because they were created after my recovery point.  I do have a backup of the C drive I made before I did the restore.  Where are the backup job files stored?  I can restore only the file or folder that contains the jobs from the most ...