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Are You Really Saving Money With Self-Signed SSL Certificates?

Created: 30 Avr. 2012 • Updated: 18 Décembre 2012
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If you are using self-signed SSL certificates for internal sites such as corporate email servers, human resource portals, wikis, software development sandboxes, etc. you’re probably doing so because you think you’re saving your company a ton of money by not purchasing certificates from a third-party Certificate Authority.  But, for a number of reasons, this probably isn’t true. 

Self-signed certificates cost more than most  implementers realize because the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an SSL certificate is far more than just the price of the certificate. From security hardware, to management software, to data center space and more, the costs of establishing a secure self-signing architecture can quickly add up.  And, a do-it-yourself approach to SSL security may put an organization at risk for costly security breaches and lost trust.

“The Hidden Costs of Self-Signed SSL Certificates” is a new white paper that compares the cost of self-signed SSL certificates to certificates issued by a third-party Certificate Authority.  Click here to download the paper to understand your potential cost savings by using Symantec SSL certificates instead of self-signed certificates.