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How to Handle Help Files While Migrating from XP to Vista

Created: 22 Août 2008 • Updated: 07 Juillet 2009 • 1 commentaire
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Well this is an intresting tip while moving from XP to Vista. When we launch the Help file in Vista, Help file (.hlp) may give you the following types of errors.

  1. An error like this means the particular Help file is not compatible to work on Vista. You need to apply a Help patch. So unless and until you apply a patch you will not be able to open the Help file.

    You can download this patch from following link.

  2. It doesn't stop there. After applying the patch you open Help again and this time you may find an error saying macros can not be run. Don't worry, just register following registry key:



  3. The real nightmare begins if after doing above two steps you are still not able to search the Help file, or the Find option is not loading. This might be a case because of old dll or ocx files. What you need to do is replace the Roboex32.dll file in INSTALLDIR or system folders with a newer version of the same file.

Now it's done! Your Help in Vista is working as good as Help in XP once did!

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I want to integrate the help file of application with Windows Help and Support file.
Kindly help.

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