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After upgrade Master Server to successful then backup Media Server failed with Satus 811

Created: 09 Oct. 2012 | 1 commentaire
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Hi All

My Environment :

Master Server OS : Solaris 10 , NBU Version 6.5.6 -> ,NBU running on Cluster (VCS) environment

Media Server OS : Mix all platform , NBU Version : 6.5.6 or 6.5.4 or 6.5.3

              After I upgraded NBU Master Server from 6.5.6 to  sucessful. Job was backup to Master server can backup complete. But Job was backup by all media server will be failed with status 811

            So Please help me to solve this issue.

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I have already moved your post in previous thread to a new discussion:

PS: PLEASE upgrade your 6.x media servers ASAP... NBU 6.x reached EOSL a week ago....

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