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Altiris DataAccessLayer Not Supporting Null List

Created: 08 Sept 2011 | 1 commentaire
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I was trying to use altiris dataaccesslayer with a stored procedure taking delimited string sample call given below



public abstract void SampleMethod(Guid entryId, DateTime logDateTime,List<string> arguments)

 The above works as long as there is atleast one value in list, in some case i will not be having any value for the argument so i tried passing null for the last argument. Altiris framework never made call to my storedprocedure in DB and no record added.

Is there any bug with passing null for List<> arguments? i had created a work around, but it is not good coding standard. Please advise me how to go about implementing the above without any work around.


L. Sankara Narayanan

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