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Created: 07 Mai 2009 • Updated: 09 Juillet 2010 | 28 comments

anybody can suggest me an antivirus for java phones...m suffering badly

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l'image des Peter_007


If you google on this u will get some AV for java phones
Can u specify what problem you aree facing and your phone model.

l'image des sujay70524

Hi  Peter i m facing da same problem
I m using sony w700i
& my phone switched off suddenly
plz suggest some help

l'image des nick_123

if ur mobile is getting swithd off then is there any battery problem....

l'image des nick_123

i have searched on

but m not satisfied with the AV which i hav downloaded

l'image des Peter_007

 best way is to scan it sith SEP by connecting phone to pc

l'image des nick_123

but is there any chances to affect my pc with the virus present in my phone???

l'image des nick_123

plzz suggest some way m bugged up with my phone...

l'image des rainier

I would suggest to do a hard reset on the phone or if ever update the firmware and then install the AV and at that point you would really be would be performing better.specifically for NOKIA's there is a special or secret ways of doing a master reset.



l'image des nick_123

thanx  for ur suggestionn  man...

thanx alot

l'image des nick_123

can u suggest me way to reset nokia phone???

l'image des nick_123

but  rainier...if i do master reset on ma phone...then all my data which is in my phone memory like contacts,calender enterys,messeges will lost na????

l'image des sufiyan

browse and download from here......

l'image des nick_123

hey i searched over there but i found the antivirus for pc only

l'image des Gizzle

hi nick,
u should first remove ur M.S frm ur SE 700i phone........then u have to do master reset.....and listen it will rest your setting not  ur mesages,calenders entry and not even jst for sake of prevention.....copy all ur contacts to the phone ur phone is virus free till you donnnt insert your M.S.....
then now your M.S turn......just connect ur M.S to ur pc through Card scan it properly wit latest update AV......or far better way is to format it......after all the data you will manage to dont take chance wit ur phone......u can get ur data back bt not ur phone...okkkkk

l'image des nick_123

thanx man...its to reset ma nokia phone...but in nokia phone  all data in phone memory will b erased.?????

l'image des Gizzle

its f9........normally nokia s40 are unaffected by virus since they only support java platforms software.........since ur bearer  u may use.. following steps..
1 Switch Off the device.
2 Press and Hold down the keys Green/Talk + 3 + *.(hard Format)
3 Switch On the device.
4 If everything goes well then you will see "Formatting" screen.
but dont leave the buttons until u seen the formatting screen or else ur mobile will crashes ur mobile sofware......

or else

dial *#7370# ? not sure if it resets S40 models, but nothing happen if u try it.

Or you can try to do a firmware update ( ) as that'll reset it, too.

If neither helps, any Nokia authorized repair center should be able to help.

l'image des nick_123

while doing hard data will get erased na???

l'image des Gizzle hard format you will lost your first u remove memory card and
dial *#7370# to do master reset..... then connect your memory card to pc via card reader and scan it as i told you b4....
if its not working then copy your contacts to the sim and just do hard format......

l'image des Sapta

 Sorry for my blank comment above, it just got posted by mistake, nick have you taken backup of your phone? See if you have important data then you should take backup of your phone, and if it is not that important then you must do a hard format to save your phone.

l'image des nick_123

i tried to take backup of my phone..but how to backup my calender enteris and messages...???

l'image des Gizzle

 its not necessary that by taking back up of your data.......ur phone wiill be secure......the virus will infect ur data..!!

l'image des lyman

No There is not a such type of Antivirus for java phones.

l'image des Gizzle

 hi lyman,
yes you are right that there are no specific antivirus for mobile........
bt mobile virus can be scan wit PC AV...

l'image des nick_123

ya i know that i can connect the phone to pc.and do scan..but i am worried about infecting pc by mobile virus..

l'image des Gizzle

 dont worry man..!!
as i told it wont affect ur pc......ur AV will definately delete d virus..!!

l'image des Samuels

hello......are you getting the results or not ?

l'image des N1500

tel me which cell phone are u useing.........