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AppCenter Content not showing on iPad

Created: 28 Sept 2012 • Updated: 08 Oct. 2012 | 3 comments
Ce problème a été résolu. Voir la solution.

I have an issue that any content loaded into the AppCenter does not show on the iPad.

The content has been made available for all users.

The iPad app does not even show a content section only a App section.

Problem persists on IOS 5 and 6

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l'image des goran_strandberg

To be able to view Content you need to Change to "Use native app" in Settings, iOS Client.

But if content is shown on iPhone - this is not the case.

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The default App Center agent is Web clip which does not support content viewing. You need Macintosh environment, Xcode, and then download native agent compile tools inside App Center portal, finish the compile with your enterprise CodeSigning cert, once this is done. On App Center Console, change the iOS client from Web to iOS native agent. Then you should be able to use "Content" function on iOS device.

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Applogies for not comming back to this one.

You are both correct, this has been resolved.

Thanks for your comments.