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backup for disaster recovery

Created: 18 Mars 2010 • Updated: 22 Mai 2010 | 4 comments
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Hi all.

I have recently moved my internal SEP database onto a SQL server and this is now shared between my 2 SEPM servers which are load balancing.

I want to back this up for DR etc. - I'm starting to follow this document - now before I used to take a backup of the internal database, but now it's on SQL is it better to back up the database from the SQL server outside of SEP or is it better to still do this creating the backup on the SEPM server and backing this up?


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If you have to take my opinion it is still better to take the back up from SEPM

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well your opinion is better than mine as you have 'Technical Support' following your name :-p

I'll do it that way then..... it's just as easy for me, just making sure it works that way when the DB runs in SQL


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since its SQL you take back from sepm or sql ; its all one and the same.
sepm will also run the same query as your sql does when you back up.

I would say SQL because of this issue

Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager database backups using the built-in backup utility appear corrupt or invalid by other zip utilities

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ahhhhh good call - I have seen that before.....just forgot about it.....

haha - well I'd just set up everything to do it in SEPM - tell you what, I'll back it up in both areas....then i'm covered (hopefully) I really don't want another corrupt DB to clear up