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backup exec 2012 cleaning tape gets stuck

Created: 02 Janv. 2013 | 5 comments

we had backup exec 2010, ran the cleaning job to clean the tape drive once a month or when needed.  Never had an issue getting stuck.

installed 2012 and everytime the job runs, the tape gets stuck/does eject.

thought it was the cleaning tape, bought a new one and still sticks.

I'm able to run the job through the dell tape library directly, and it doesnt stick.

only gets stuck when ran from within backup exec 2012.

can someone please help me fix this. thank you.

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l'image des pkh

1) Did you label the cleaning tape properly?  If you are using barcode labels, then the label should be CLNxxxL1.

2) Did you designate the slot that the cleaning tape is in as a cleaning slot?

l'image des jermstur

as far as I know, 1 and 2 are setup correctly.

It runs the job, it just doesnt spit the tape out.

l'image des pkh

Have you tried re-installing the tape library?

1) Delete the library from BE
2) Stop the media server and the library
3) Start the tape library
4) Start the media server
5) Ensure that the library and tape drive is recognised and functioning correctly in the Windows Device Manager. The library should appear as an Unknown Medium Changer with a Microsoft driver and the tape drive should have a Symantec driver.
6) In BE, install the library
l'image des Gurvinder Rait

Will need a set of debug to review this
adamm log :
Tracer and SGMON.exe (both present in BE Install Path) should be turned on when Cleaning job is started
Tracer -
In SGMON select first checkbox, device and media and capture to file. Once debug are all started and in place start the cleaning job. Wait for sometime and when you feel the tape is stuck get the debug logs

l'image des Larry Fine

what tape library?  what tape drive?  what interface?

does the cleaning job complete or does it hang?  if it completes, what is the cleaning job status?  are there any errors in the cleaning job log?

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