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Backup Exec 2012 Desktop Laptop Backup Licensing

Created: 27 Avr. 2012 | 4 comments

What is the Desktop Laptop Licensing format for " Backup Exec 2012 ".

1. User based or unlimited clients agents?

2. If User based then the user packs available (e.g. 100 user license) are for concurrent users or the real users using any time ?

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l'image des Colin Weaver

Not sure however it is now a separate product and not part of Backup Exec. You should talk to our customer care teams for queries about licensing.

l'image des santosh.ghadei

Backup Exec 2012 Licensing Guide Shows an option "Desktop Laptop option" 

I needed information regarding that

l'image des VJware

Per the license guide, it is sold in packs of 10....but best to check with the licensing team...

secondly, with prev. versions of DLO, if the DLO db has 'x' number of users, it corresponds to 'x' number of licenses used...for egs...if the db has 50 users and 10 are disabled, it would still correspond to 50 licenses..i guess, the same concept applies to DLO 7.0 as well but again best to check with the licensing team...

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DLO licenses are based on number of user profile that would be backed up.For better understanding you may contact licensing at +1 800 721 3934.