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Backup Exec 2012 Duplicate Synthetic Full to tape

Created: 23 Fév. 2014 • Updated: 11 Mars 2014 | 5 comments
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Running Backup Exec 2012 build 1798 (SP3).  I've created a job that has completed an initial full back (to dedupe disk), incrementals (to disk) and finally a synthetic backup (to dedupe disk).

I have also included a stage for duplication of the backup to tape - a task for duplication of the incremental and a task for duplication of the full via "duplicate data immediately after source task completes," where the drop down options are "Full" and  "Incremental".  There is no selection for source "Synthetic Full"  

I incorrecly assumed that the duplication off the full backup would include the synthetic full, but once the synthetic full completed a duplication to tape did not occur.

How do I setup an automated duplication to tape of the Synthetic Full Backup?

Thanks in advance.

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I wonder how did you managed to do a synthetic backup to the dedup folder because AFAIK this is not possible.

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I selected the dedupe disk from the drop down box.  Not available for incremental in the job, but available for Full and Synthetic full. But your response does not contribute to the question... 

How do I setup an automated duplication to tape of the Synthetic Full Backup?

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According to this using Deduplication Storage for Synthetic backups is not supported

EDIT: Also with regards your duplicate last full - the synthetic full operation is more like a Duplicate (with assembly of files from different backups into the result). Which may explain why the duplicate last full option does not have the desired effect as we do not have a duplicate last duplicate option.

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Correct.  Deduplication Storage for Synthetic backups is not supported.

The answer to my original question is that the Duplicate to tape can be scheduled but not happen automatically, "after source task completes".


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Just be aware that the option for "Most recent full backup" does only duplicate that backup.

However the "Selected backups" and choosing which one will try tio duplicate any bacup set meetign the selection that has not presviosuly been duplicate which can mean that if for soem reason soem of the duplicate job don't run thta you might expeience problems with trying to duplicate much older sets that have long since expired from the system and are no longer available for duplication. When this happens (in BE 2012) you have to delete the duplicate stage from the job definition, save the job without it and then recreate. (BE 2010 had an option to edit selections once you had experienced the error and future BE versions will have some enhancements in this area)