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Backup exec 2012 Exchange DAG

Created: 02 Août 2013 • Updated: 02 Août 2013 | 6 comments
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we're currently using Backup Exec 2012 for Exchange 2010. Exchange is clustered (DAG). My question: is "checkpoint restart' a best practice?  Below article says not to use it with Exchange information store but it works best with Exchange mailboxes.

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Please have at this article

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...that TN isn't for your version. It's saying it is best to use when backing up mailboxes, ie. brick-level, and not when backing up the Information Store, ie. GRT.

Brick-level backups aren't possible from Exchange 2007 onwards.


EDIT: Check below:

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Backup exec 2012 Check point restart is not recommended nor supported to be used with application agents like exchange and is supported only for ntfs volumes please have a look at backup exec 2012 admin guide page 538...
Hope this answers your question

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Hi Maurice,

The technote that you are looking at applied to older versions of BE (10 , 11 and 12.5) . The checkpoint restart feature then was supported if backup exec is configured in a cluster..If one BE goes down another BE from clustered node will continue the job.

Above worked for mailboxes (brik level Bakcup)

In BE 2012 this feature is introduced and can be used even if the backup exec server is a stand alone server.

But this newly introduced checkpoint restart only works best for files not applications like exchange , sql etc.

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...this was already mentioned bu MusSeth and myself. Why are you repeating the same information?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support: