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Backup Exec. 3600 appliance

Created: 28 Nov. 2012 • Updated: 20 Mars 2015 | 3 comments
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  In the Backup Exec. 3600 appliance Data Sheet, the " agent for VMware/hyperV/ agent for Windows/ agent for linux/ remote media agent for linux has asterix mark  " * " after it.

What does that imply. what does the * mark refer to ?

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l'image des Backup_Exec


I have downloded the PDF from link below & I dont see * which one you are reffering

Have added a snap too for same doesn't look like a *


snap of 3600.JPG


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Can you point excatly where are you looking ?

If you are taking about the following "Agent for VMware®"

At the end it is not asteric mark but  ® i.e registered trademark

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Yes,  It is R very badly visible.  Thanks , I zoomed the PDF and understood.

Thanks for the reply..