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Backup Exec Remote Agent Causes Domain Admin Lockout

Created: 06 Fév. 2013 • Updated: 12 Fév. 2013 | 2 comments
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We have 3 servers which one server is used as a file server as well as a backup server to backup 2 remote web servers. All 3 servers are on the same company domain but only local accounts are used for the backups.

The daily backups are successful. However we frequently received domain admin account intrusion alert (lockout) from our corporate IT that the intrusions were coming from our backup server. The lockout time is always the same when the remote backup jobs started or when I tested the credentials.

The intrusion would not happen if I stopped all the remote backups.

Since we are not allowed to own domain administrator privilege account we only use local admin accounts, But if we use only local accounts how would the intrusion happen from the backup server.

Anyone know how to resolve this issue.

Any help is appreciated.

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If you're using local admin accounts, then i don't see how it can lock out your domain admin account. There is no interaction between the 2. This is something else...check the Event Viewer on the server in question and on a Domain Controller to check up on this error.

PS: Domain Admin accounts are recommended for use as the BESA due to the ease of management of the BESA and administration of backups/restores.

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1 Please create the user in domain and give it local admin right on 3 server and also add it in backup operator group

2 Apart from that please ensure you give service rights to this user account for same please follow the document below

3 Finally ensure the system log on account in backup exec is using this account as domain\username and Backup Exec services are also using the same account and then update with results

Hope that helps



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