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Backup NDMP FS7500 and Restore to NETAPP ?

Created: 17 Janv. 2013 • Updated: 18 Janv. 2013 | 5 comments
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I backed up my DELL FS7500 in Backup Exec 2012 unisig NDMP

Is it possible to restore those backup to an NETAPP NDMP device, if the FS crash for example... (In my opinion NDMP is an open protocol so it can be possible, unless each manufacturer implement it's own specifitcty ...)


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Verbatim regarding NDMP restore limitations ~

¦ You cannot redirect NDMPdata to a computer that runs the Windows or Linux operating systems.

¦ You cannot redirect non-NDMP data, such as NTFS or SQL data, to an NDMP server.

¦ The server to which you want to redirect the restored data must be from the same vendor as the server from which the data was backed up.

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Verbatim from which source???

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Verbatim from the Backup Exec 2012 Administrator's Guide.

Pg 1071, Chapter - Symantec Backup Exec NDMP Option, Section - About redirecting restored NDMP data

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NDMP is an open protocol, but it's only a set of SCSI commands, telling a NAS to do something.  Under the hood of each NAS is their own respective OS, and filesystem.

NetApp runs ONTap, and WAFL.  EMC has their Flare, BlueArc/HDS, has their own OS, etc.  

One vendor might be doing a TAR of a directory, another a DUMP, another CPIO.  Then the ACL's wouldn't match too, due to the OS's in play on each NAS....  

There is an online portal, save yourself the long hold times. Create ticket online, then call in with ticket # in hand :-) "We backup data to restore, we don't backup data just to back it up."