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Backup over SAS

Created: 23 Oct. 2012 | 3 comments


i have AIC XJ3000-3136 shared storage connected to 8 servers (over SAS switch) and now i would like to backup those servers with backup exec 12.5 . I found there is a shared storage licencse but only SAN is mentioned there. Is it possible to do backups over SAS with backup exec 12.5 (i want to avoid using network agents if possible)?


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You can try the SAN SSO option in trial mode, but I don't think it will work...this SAS switch is simply a means to connect servers to multiple storage units.

Chances are very good your backups will run across the LAN as you can't create a SAS SAN.


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SAS switches are pretty new, but I think this will work and is worth a try.  I don't know anything about the AIC XJ3000-3136, but BE shouldn't care about the switch.  Is the AIC your backup source or your backup target?

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AIC is backup source and destination.