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Backup Shadow Copy Component & System State - .dr file that is required for IDR is not updated.

Created: 19 Nov. 2012 | 4 comments


I keep getting the .dr file is not updated errors on my excluded backups.  I cannot get an error free full backup (SQL). I've already did the reg edit to override the msg but no work. 

Any other suggestions so i dont get these irritating msgs?



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Are the registry changes that youre refering to found in the document below

be sure to restart the backup exec services after making the adjustments

I hope this posting was helpful


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Hi Donald!

Yes that is the one but this is my path:

\HKLM\Software\symantec\backup exec for windows\backup exec\engine\idr

  It is changed & restarted services many times there after.


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Forcing the creation of the .dr file is curing the symptom,not the cause.  You should look at why you cannot get a successful backup.

IDR is for you to restore your C: drive.  You should not mix your file backup with your SQL backup because you need to turn on AOFO for your file backup and AOFO should be off for SQL backups.