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BE 2010 and W2008R2 File Replication

Created: 03 Mai 2010 • Updated: 07 Nov. 2010 | 2 comments

I have a BE 2010 (ver. 13, rev 2896) with hotfix 340433, 344584. I also have Win 2003 R2 with file replication, to a target Win 2008 R2. I'm trying to backup the replicated files in Win 2008 R2. I'd get 0 bytes after the backup. I use the VSS automatic as the AOFO, and I use the archive bit instead of modified time.
Is there a way I can get this to work?

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If it is DFSR then you need to expand that server in the selection list and expand the shadow copy component and do the backup of replicated data from there. DFSR data has to be backed up under shado copy component

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I read if you use your suggested method, it will significantly slow down the backup.

I have BE 12.5 with similar setup, but it's on Win 2008. not R2. I don't have to use the shadow copy component to backup the replicated files, I set the backup selection directly from the drive. So it doesn't make any sense to do this, while it is currently working just fine in BE 12.5.

I found a work around by disabling dfsr service using pre command.