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BE 2010: How to configure B2D folders and media sets

Created: 23 Janv. 2013 | 2 comments

Hi all.  I have 1 Exchange/SQL job and 1 data job I want to back up.  I want differential backup M-TH and a full backup on Friday.  Backups will be disk to disk to tape.  What would the ideal configuration for this when it comes to the B2D folders and media sets (append and OP settings)?  Right now I have 1 media set for each job and 1 folder for each job and I dont think thats right.  Im having all sorts of issues, either the tape gets overwritten or it does not append properly.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Read this BLOG:

No need to have seperate B2D Folders, One B2D for all jobs is good enough if you configure media sets and other settings properly.

Overwrite always is recommended setting for B2D jobs whereas Append to media,overwrite if no appendable media found setting is best for tape jobs.

Before suggesting exact AP and OPP values for media sets, we would need your retention requirements. How many days you want to keep your differentials & fulls on disk, and how many days you want keep duplicates on tape?

In general for differential backups a week retention is good enough as you are running weekly full. If you are happy with that, you can use the values mentioned in above BLOG. You might want to retain duplicate copies on tape for longer time. So configure media sets that are in use with tape copies accordingly.


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You should read this document to understand how OPP and AP are calculated so that you can set them according to your needs.

OPP and AP explanation