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BE 2012 not showing correct media usage

Created: 30 Mai 2013 | 3 comments

Hi everyone.  We installed BE 2012 in one location and it is working fine.  In the other the GE GUI is not showing how much of a tape is used. When you go to "slots" it shows our available slots and all of the tapes say the are 100% free.  Two of the tapes are full according to the appendable until column.  Any ideas?  Running on server 2008 R2.

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...can you post a screenshot please?

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All of the tapes have data written to them, the first two are full.  We have tested restoring from the tapes and it works fine.

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You may be facing this known issue ~

Tape Capacity or used statistics do not displaying properly in the Backup Exec 2012 console. -