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BE 2012 - Unfathomably slow to check credentials - on server it's running on! Failing because can't logon... But can!?

Created: 27 Mai 2013 • Updated: 27 Mai 2013 | 4 comments

I have 4 server backed up via BE. Last 2 days backups failed, "couldn't logon to server". Performing a credential test literally takes 20 minutes to complete checking each item, but says is all successful.

Why is it saying it can't logon to backup... To the server it's running on... when the test says it can?

Why is it taking 20 minutes to test the credentials, again, on itself. All the other servers run the test in seconds.

And really, is it too ridiculous for your product to just work OK for at least a week without yet another thing to make me lose more hair??

Oh. And I also have items in the backup selection, that aren't there anymore. But they never remove from the selections.. I've unticked them, I can confirm they are not present on the server, but they just stay in BE... Why aren't they going away?

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I've gone as far as deleting and trying to create a new backup, changed credentials to the domain admin account. Everything I can think of. Even then it takes 20 minutes to perform the credential test. I click test all and it just sits there doing nothing for minutes, then slowly does one ebery minute or so...

Even after deleting the backup and recreating it's showing locations/shares/DBs that AREN"T THERE... I can't delete the server from BE as it's on there... I have backups failing over and over because of all this BS... F***

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Watch your language...

Is there an AV installed on the server? If so, stop and disable it and check again. Also, any updates (either Windows or BE) done before this issue started up?


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Symantec don't explain anything properly, these issues just continually happen one after another, can't get the backup to even run a week successfully without some issue.. And I need to watch my language?

Watch me walk away and move to another product is more like it...

AV was removed, there was instability being caused by it (should never have been installed on an SBS box, not my choice). Corresponds with the backup failing but not the slow credential checking.

One of the redundant items in the credential check is the AV share, but there are others that have been gone over a month there. I've double checked via Share and Storage manager that these don't exist.

l'image des CraigV's a community forum, and while you have frustrations (like a LOT of other people...), it isn't necessary to swear in the forum. You lose your effectiveness.


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